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Video by theme: Contact Phone Number - This Is How To Contact Match By Phone & Email

Video about contact number match com:

Contact number match com

They show your profile to everyone and even give you fake likes and interests to get you to pay up. What I've figured out is that the person may be signing on to peruse pictures or because they got emails from Match that they have "likes" but that doesn't mean they have an active subscription and can actually see your email or reply. Don't use them. I paid for three months in advance. There was no announcement or discussion or explanation. Contact number match com

Contact number match com

Contact number match com

Contact number match com

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  1. I would never recommend this horrible dating service to anyone. Most of my emails are never read, which tells me the users are inactive.

  2. March 16, Shortly after a woman I'd messaged responded with a request for a chat to which I'd responded accordingly, her account was blocked for reasons unknown. March 21, Hi, I opened an account on Match.

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