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Smothering – Can You Love Too Much?

   05.06.2018  3 Comments

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How to Get Over Someone You Love Truly Not Meant For You

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How not to love someone too much

You agree with everything they say. And smothering can definitely scare someone away. Many people are addicted to loving too much and smothering a partner without even realizing it. Just seeing him happy is enough for her. How not to love someone too much

How not to love someone too much

How not to love someone too much

How not to love someone too much

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3 thoughts on “You want to be around them because you’re insecure.

  1. Is your breathing fast and shallow? Like maybe your partner likes pepperoni pizza and you like mushroom, so you either suck it up and get both on the whole pizza or do half pepperoni and half mushroom.

  2. To hold him up because he was struggling too you know. Too many people lose their sense of individuality or who they are when they get into a serious relationship. And with each and every moment, my love for him grew and my love for myself died.

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