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Who killed Bob Crane? A closer look at evidence in the 1978 murder investigation

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Bob Crane & John Carpenter's Home Movie Obsession

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Bob crane tapes

His appearance on Celebrity Cooks did air in Canada in late , and was recreated in the biopic film Auto Focus. Hogan's Heroes involved the sabotage and espionage missions of allied soldiers, led by Hogan, from under the noses of the oblivious Germans guarding them. Family photographs taken with his three children, Robert Jr. We had a wonderful marriage. Click a retailer below. An electrical cord had been tied around his neck. I knew that … he … he had had this obsession, he couldn't help it, there was nothing for me to be jealous of. But, at the same time, he was harboring a deep obsession. They presented evidence, including witnesses from the restaurant where the two men had dined the evening prior to the murder, that Carpenter and Crane were still the best of friends. DNA testing was not yet available. Bob crane tapes

Bob crane tapes

Bob crane tapes

Bob crane tapes

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  1. Later, Crane and Carpenter would videotape their joint sexual encounters. He was a devoted father and family man when he was at home.

  2. Now — nearly 25 years after his murder — Bob Crane's life and death are hot topics on the Internet … and in Hollywood.

  3. He brought over a double-thick briefcase, and it was filled with like four rows of slides in a box about that big.

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