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Worn carriage clock repair & a tip for dating carriage clocks and pocket watches.

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Dating french carriage clocks

The reported problem was inconsistend chiming. But besides these clocks with balance, clocks with pendulum were being produced. There does seem to a lot of dust and material threads inside the movement. An antique carriage clock with a case design is another fine feature, and if the item has a travelling case to store the winding key, this will also boost its value, should it be sold at auction. The shape of the case is a clear example for the Capucines that would follow but it has a number of characteristics that are unusual. Dating french carriage clocks

Dating french carriage clocks

Dating french carriage clocks

Dating french carriage clocks

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  1. Should I just leave the case alone? Vaak door goede makers en zeer exclusief en hierdoor veel individueler.

  2. At the start of the 19th Century a more standarised production was developed in the Jura. He then set up large workshops that produced movements in collaboration with craftsmen that worked from home.

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