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Cheating (infidelity) - Dream meaning and symbolism

   15.02.2019  4 Comments

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Dreams of your boyfriend cheating on you

There will always be times when you are apart from your loved one. Dreaming of cheating on someone or being cheated on by someone can be interpreted as the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Alternatively, your cheating dream could indicate your desire to break free from your routine and do something new. Now, you are reexamining every look, glance or gesture. Would you like to try drugs, rob a bank, be unfaithful or murder someone? Dreams of your boyfriend cheating on you

Dreams of your boyfriend cheating on you

Dreams of your boyfriend cheating on you

Dreams of your boyfriend cheating on you

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  1. Whatever the cause, he may be doing something that makes you feel like he is cheating or at least considering it. It seems like everyone else gets to make decisions, and you are just forced along without getting to choose what happens.

  2. And he treated her as a real girlfriend. Both cannot be on the same place at the same time, because both are in fact one physical person that is just switching the characters.

  3. Delphi Ellis is a qualified therapist whose professional work started supporting those bereaved by murder and suicide. They know that they are capable of cheating, so they are afraid that their partner could do the same thing.

  4. If this is the case, then be cautious before doing anything. What is even more frustrating, is you will see your partner sleeping peacefully beside you, unaware of the drama they just caused in your mind. Whatever the case, if there is jealousy in a relationship, you can expect to have a higher chance of dreaming about that person cheating on you.

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