MBAPF project of “Communication for Development” training coverage which had reached to 1,000 agricultural extension workers with the collaboration from UNESCO and LIFT was mentioned in Nikkei Asian Review on 25th December 2017.

Minecraft Education Competition was held at the Yangon University Library from 1st to 3rd December 2017 with support from Microsoft. Over 60 contestants participated and over 100 observers attended the event.  Minecraft Education is a programme to understand computer science basic among youths. 

MBAPF is proud to be a partner of this project by giving training of Communication for Development, Digital and Information Literacy. This is a collaboration between UNESCO, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Greenway and Internews and funded by LIFT.


Training on story telling linking to books is crucial to promotion of reading habit among early childhood.  Thanks to Third Story group and Magic Library Foundation for the training of 30 librarians from public, community, mobile and school libraries.


Launching event of “Let’s Read” project which is revitalization of school libraries in Myanmar was held on 10th November 2017 at No 4 Basic Education High School, Ahlone in Yangon.  This project is the private-public partnership with multi-organizations involvement and at present Ministry of Information, MBAPF, Daw Khin Kyi Foundation, Myanmar Library Association and RoomToRead will be supporting the project.  Total of 45 schools’ libraries will be refurbished, stocked with new and fresh books, schools’ librarians will be giving training and proper monitoring and evaluation scheme will be implemented.



MBAPF celebrated Leadership Summit for 2017 Tech Age Girls Myanmar Project and Innovative Library Award Giving Ceremony on 20th October 2017 at the Inya Lake Hotel. 

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint, Ministry of Information, Dr. Aung Naing Soe, Director General of Department of Basic Education, Mr. Ari Katz, Director of IREX, Ms Michelle Simmons, General Manager of Microsoft for Southeast Asia and New Markets, Mr Vikram Sinha, CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar, Librarians, Tech Age Girls and Trainers of MBAPF to attend and give wonderful speech at our “Leadership Summit for Tech Age Girls Myanmar and Innovative Library Award Giving Ceremony”. We are extremely grateful to all the participants at our event too. Congratulations to all the 2017 TAG and we hope you all can contribute to your communities.

News coverage by….

  1. MRTV
  2. MRTV-4
  3. The Global New Light of Myanmar
  4. University of Yangon Library
  5. 7 Day TV
  6. Ministry of Information
  7. Yoma Bank
  8. The Myawady Daily 
  9. Myanmar Rehabilitation News
  10. Myanmar Times
  11. U.S. Embassy Rangoon


IMG_0266  IMG_0287


IMG_0306  IMG_0322


IMG_0331  IMG_0336


IMG_0348  IMG_0414

The American Center, Yangon hosted Tech Age Girls (TAG) of Myanmar 2017 at a debate workshop on Oct 17. This was part of a two-week intensive training course for young women aged 16-20, which focused on technology as a tool for leadership and community development. See more…

Our Tech Age Girls Myanmar project was featured in News Center at Microsoft.

Documentary featuring Tech Age Girls Myanmar programme which is sponsored by Microsoft Philanthropy


Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) under UN had sponsored to prepare our 150 library network of Beyond Access and we are happy to share here.

MITV, English language broadcasting channel, developed a documentary programme for Communications for Development training which is being implemented by UNESCO and LIFT.


3rd Editorial meeting of Communication for Livelihood and Food Security was held and MBAPF team participated to discuss the progress of Communication for Development Training


Communication for Development training is in full-string now.  Over 750 of extension workers for farmers from NGO, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, Media and Information Officer from Ministry of Information


Sunday Talk show on “Let’s Go To Libraries”


News Coverage of Communication for Development training with UNESCO




MBAPF launched the master training of “Communication for Development ” by partnering with UNESCO and funded by LIFT.



Microsoft regional director Dr Astrid Tuminez presenting awards to winners of Minecraft game creator computer science program.


IMG_3858(1) IMG_3816(1) IMG_3815 IMG_3878

Peer Learning Meeting of 60 Beyond Access Myanmar libraries from Upper Myanmar on 16th and 17th March 2017

A very productive sharing, networking and learning new topics at the Peer Learning Meeting was fruitful among our upper Myanmar libraries.


IMG_3901IMG_3907 IMG_3909 IMG_3897 IMG_3903 IMG_3905

Ooredoo Myanmar renewed 2014 MOU with MBAPF for further support with Internet, Digital Devices and Training to 90 Public Libraries on 28.3.17. News coverage by In Myanmar and Irrawaddy and MRTV coverage.

Under this new MOU, 90 Beyond Access libraries will get access to internet free of charge, nearly 600 notebook devices will be provided and training to librarians will be done via MBAPF. Thanks to Ooredoo Myanmar for your generous sponsorship and believing in libraries to bring country’s community development. We also would like to thank to hundreds of our public/community librarians who made dedicated commitment for your own community and finally thanks to all our trainers.


17629631_1543287342356256_7326247998032548046_n 17554144_1543287435689580_8429855684540093061_n17626320_1543287189022938_6486904545969095804_n17498460_1543287212356269_2139418989981508528_n

MBAPF became Myanmar’s first grant recipient from Microsoft

We are honored to receive the first grant from Microsoft to replicate our Mobile Information Literacy Training and Tech Age Girls Myanmar. These training will reach to hundreds of people across the country through our libraries.  First launch and training was done from 6th to 11th February 2017 in Yangon.

ISIF supported 10 libraries to conduct Tech Age Girls Myanmar.  MBAPF gave training to 42 librarians for TAG project from 20th to 24th December ’16 at Myanmar Library Association


img_3857   img_3962


img_3876   img_3922


img_3869   img_3990

MBAPF conducted Mobile Information Literacy training to the staffs from Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 13th to 15th December at ministry office in Nay Pyi Taw


img_20161213_102203_hdr    15577978_613882205478745_883968499799904941_o


img_20161215_135105_hdr    15440466_613882318812067_4086568703744094795_o

Tech Age Girls Myanmar 2016


Final round of Tech Age Girls Myanmar was successfully conducted from 12th to 20th November ’16. Outstanding 20 girls who have spent 9 months at libraries to learn technology and leadership skills from 5 States and Divisions came to Yangon and 40% have never been to Yangon.  Congratulation to all TAG for your long journey!!  TAG’s journey to the success can be viewed here.

They have met with women leaders from politics, entrepreneurs, business leaders and civil society sectors via panel discussion.  Moreover, they were given intense training on technology, debate skills, soft skills including personal grooming and project management skills.

Each TAG prepared and presented a project to be developed in their respective communities.  Final closing ceremony was held on 20th November ’16.  Over 100 participants attended the ceremony and 1st lady and member of parliament Daw Su Su Lwin kindly sent her congratulatory remarks.  Judges selected the following TAG as award winners based on their community development projects. Comments on awardees by judges can be viewed here.

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize

3rd Prize


TAG final events were fully covered by various media and sponsored organization sites.

News of United Nations Information Center of Myanmar Tech age girls visit)

News of Rotary Club (Myanmar Tech Age Girls visit)

New of American Center ( Myanmar Tech Age Girls visit)

Myanmar Times News of  ( Myanmar Tech Age Girls)


Moreover, five innovative library awards were given to the following libraries based on presence of their innovative, creative services, partnership,  presence of new groups of library users and increment of visitors percentage.

We would like to thank to all the moderators and panelists who have shared their knowledge and experience to our TAG.  Moreover, we would like to thank to sponsor organizations such as U Thant Trust, Yoma Bank, UMFCCI, UNI, MICT Park,  American Centre and Chatrium Hotel to sponsor their venue.

The American Center hosted the Tech Age Girls (TAG) of Myanmar at a debate workshop on November 15.

ISIF supported training of Mobile Information Literacy to 20 master libraries from Upper Myanmar

First master training of MIL which was supported by ISIF was conducted in Mandalay from 20th to 22nd October.


img_2208 img_2207 img_2200



ISIF supported training of Mobile Information Literacy to 20 master libraries from Lower Myanmar

25 librarians from Lower Myanmar received Mobile Information Literacy Training at Insein IPRD from 12th to 14th October.  All of them will cascade this training as part of their library activity.


img_2165  img_2160


img_2162  img_2163  img_2159

Interview to Tech Age Girls is reported on IREX website on 5th October 2016

Training to DeBoer Fellows on Professional Communication :Emailing on 4th October 2016 at the Sedona Hotel

Training on privacy, security, tools and techniques of professional communication via emailing was well attended by DeBoer fellows.


img_1967  img_1978  img_1982


img_1997  img_1995


Peer Learning Meeting with Tech Age Girls

Two groups of TAG girls from Magwe and Yangon met during the week of 19th September ’16 with our project manager, Daw Ah Win, and IREX director, Ari Katz,for challenges and opportunities of TAG Project.
TAG 2016

MBAPF offers its hand on Mobile Information Literacy Training to the staffs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the sponsorship of The Asia Foundation

25 officials from MOFA attended the MIL training from 14th to 16th September at Yangon MOFA office.  This highly impactful training led to requesting for 2 more training of MOFA staffs in Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon.

MITV interview on Information Symposium and Mobile Information Literacy Curriculum

MIL was developed by University of Washington and MBAPF with assistance from USAID and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Information Symposium is a key stake holder event which was participated by over 300 stakeholders from government, NGOs, INGOs and private sectors in Myanmar.

DVB article on Tech Age Girls Myanmar Project
Second Phase of Tech Age Girl project is in full string now. As of today, 100 TAG girls received technology, leadership skills and we found out that TAG is life changer for many of these young and enthusiastic girls.  Below article was featured in DVB news.

Information Society Innovation Funds Awards to MBAPF

MBAPF is honored to be selected by ISIF under the title of “Equal Access to the Information Society in Myanmar”.  This project will start from September 2016 to August 2017. We would like to express our sincere thank to ISIF for your generous support to our foundation.  Hundreds of people will be benefiting from this ISIF’s support.

The AUD 50,000 Community Impact Grant was awarded to:

  • Equal Access to the Information Society in Myanmar, the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation, Myanmar. This project focuses on women and youth, and benefits 500 people through 20 libraries across the country. The curriculum, developed specifically for Myanmar, focuses on critical thinking in a digital environment of smartphones and tablets. It develops the skills of young female leaders by providing them with specialized information technology training, leadership and job skills, and opportunities to engage in critical public discussion. Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation will also participate in a three-week mentoring program in Singapore, facilitated by JFDI.Asia, valued at AUD 25,000 plus expenses during their stay.

Myanmar Public Libraries Master Plan

MBAPF, IREX, MLA and IFLA organized a 2-day workshop to draft a Master Plan for Public Library in Myanmar on 25th and 26th August 2016 at the Taw Win Garden Hotel.  This will be a precursor of Public Library Law in Myanmar.  25 public and community librarians attended this workshop and contributed a lot of useful idea.  Master Plan will cover vision, objectives and activities which can be implemented and measurable by 2022.  Working group committee was able to form under theme of “User”, “Space”, “Resources” and “Activities/Programmes” and will be discussing in details.   Thank you very much IFLA for your support.


14063719_1149474878452634_8688725024239330479_n  14064120_1149474925119296_2460092153507200795_n


IMG_20160825_115659  IMG_20160825_115119


MOU Signing Ceremony of IPRD, MBAPF and IREX

MBAPF, IREX and Information Public Relation Department under Ministry of Information signed MOU to further develop public libraries in Myanmar.  It was held on 19th August 2016 at Park Royal Hotel.   Through this MOU which will last from 2016 to 2021, will collaborate very closely on library infrastructure development and capacity building of librarians with 21st century skills.


image-0-02-01-2f44d234940921c036faae7dedd7df08e8fce705c5d4d544be538ed30abefdf6-V  image-0-02-01-6b55ae6ff10896ffa24aa27415fc48f7064da2cfce36c51ebd7a0e053e4a0d4e-V  image-0-02-01-8b98ad4102a5636bb97aa984e356680d7c6a76ba506ebb60556432d6eec2af09-V


image-0-02-01-aae0f054d250ab97edd3d4aaa0ec2808c988a1ed6db5db1f32b62e0817cf155b-V  image-0-02-01-aba9586a7004adc42584411181db119c352866d2c3a255029653e1090fe6166c-V  image-0-02-01-ba8aff88531e8c3c7f9998dc58a0e5c3e19e4816f14bd0a05b629c8574b179be-V


MRTV new coverage on Mobile Information Literacy training to Ministry of Information Staffs

Mobile Information Literacy training to 40 staffs from Ministry of Information on 24th July 2016 in Nay Pyi Taw.  Process of ICT such as creating, searching, analyzing, saving and retrieving important information are trained to the staffs.  Training focused on information access not only from laptop/desktops but also from mobile phones.