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Yes, You Have a G-Spot

   27.05.2018  4 Comments

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Absolute Best Sex Positions For G spot Orgasms Explained

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G spot orgasm positions

Have him shift his lower body into a half-kneeling position, entering you from behind. Get on your hands and knees, and have your partner enter you from behind while they kneel. Besides having more sex, you can deepen the sensations you feel by regularly doing Kegel exercises. This combines G-spot stimulation while you or your guy plays with your clitoris, working up to a double-your-pleasure orgasm. Also, there's something very primal about doing the deed from behind that brings out the animal in even the most mild-mannered guy. As he thrusts, guide the water stream with your hand from the faucet or detachable showerhead between your legs. The G Spot position above looks really unconventional when you first try it. If You're Flyin' Solo If you're going for G-explosions of the solo variety, you might be your best tool. Woman On Top How to do it: G spot orgasm positions

G spot orgasm positions

G spot orgasm positions

G spot orgasm positions

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  1. These positions will give her a G-spot orgasm Women can actually have seven different types of orgasm , but the spot most common ones are vaginal and clitoral. Expect the same with your G. You should never feel ashamed of figuring out what you like.

  2. The Jockey A variation of doggy, in this position, the woman lies on her stomach with her bottom raised. While this shallow penetration that might not hit as deep, it does create a tighter feeling — and more increased friction against your G spot — which might be the perfect way to help you reach orgasm. Plus, this region can vary from woman to woman which explains why it can often be difficult to locate.

  3. Sit your lover on the floor with his legs stretched out comfortably in front of him. This position creates really deep, powerful penetration. Done too soon?

  4. Initial penetration can be a little tricky in this position, so you may need to raise your leg, change the angle of your bodies, or do some wriggling around.

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