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Redheads have no soul

However, not enough thick skin to make you less sensitive to anesthesia. It is thought that the gingers, like other damn dirty apes , originated in Africa. It is not easy being redheaded. That is up for a pointless debate that I will not take part in. Growing up as a ginger child will give you thicker skin. They will often dye their hair in an effort to fit in with normal humans in order to get close enough to suck their souls. The Huffington post claims that as a redhead ages, his or her hair initially tends to turn blonde, which then eventually turns white. They can sometimes be hiding amongst the emo population, which is almost as unpopular as the Gingers. The power of the ginger lies in the colorful adornment around their sexual organs. And, we might gain a few freckles in the meantime. Redheads have no soul

Redheads have no soul

Redheads have no soul

Redheads have no soul

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  1. Interestingly, social backlash in Briton appears greatest in Irish and Muslim communities.

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