Publication of final report published by ISIF Asia on MBAPF’s project on “Equal Access to Information Society in Myanmar”.  The report features how Mobile Information Literacy and Tech Age Girls Myanmar activities are supported to community libraries.

MBAPF and IREX conducted a survey in Hlaing Tharyar area where many out-of-school youths are residing and finding can be found here.

Eight months long drafting of the Public Library Master Plan is now ready.  We really appreciate IREX, IFLA, Myanmar Library Association, IPRD and all the community librarians who actively participated in this process.


List of 5600 Plus Community and Public Library in Myanmar

MBAPF together with IPRD had compiled a list of community and public libraries in Myanmar. Name of district, township and village are mentioned in the list. This is a huge asset for the country and there are many ways to improve them as Community Centres.


Tech Age Girls – Myanmar (TAG) will expand educational and leadership opportunities for adolescent girls in Myanmar by creating sustainable hubs for innovation and learning. The program prepares adolescent girls aged 16-20 to become community leaders, providing them with essential life skills and technology skills through an engaging, integrated program based on public libraries. TAG prepares them to be both role models to their peers and competitive candidates for 21st-century employment.

Ending the Gender Digital Divide in Myanmar: A Problem-Driven Political Economy Assessment

Ensuring that women and girls engage in the digital world is fundamental to Myanmar’s democratic and economic growth. Yet women are 28% less likely than men to own a mobile phone, the primary means of internet access in the country, and women experience related disparities in digital skills.

Myanmar Public Library Master Plan

MBAPF had drafted first ever The Master Plan for Public Library in Myanmar with assistance from IREX and IFLA.  This master plan was drafted by all the stakeholders from public/community such as Ministry of Information, Myanmar Library Association, Civil Society Organizations, Community Libraries and famous authors.

Beyond Access Myanmar – Connecting Communities: Final Evaluation Report by EnCompass

Beyond Access is an initiative implemented by International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)
and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (hereinafter, the Gates Foundation). IREX is a
nonprofit organization that aims to build a more just, prosperous, and inclusive world by
empowering youth, cultivating leaders, strengthening institutions, and extending access to quality
education and information.
In recognition of Beyond Access’ importance within the Global Libraries portfolio, the Gates
Foundation decided to invest in evaluations of key Beyond Access initiatives for the purpose of
informing the capturing of successes and learning. The selection of Myanmar as one of the key
Beyond Access programs to be evaluated was based in part on the model of the program (i.e., the
Development Lab approach1), the alignment of the Myanmar project’s desired outcomes with the
Global Libraries program’s goals (improved digital literacy), and the fact that the work in Myanmar
was just getting started and that data collection could be conducted early enough in the project
lifecycle to support learning by identifying program needs and offering a baseline for the evaluation

IREX  Myanmar Gender Study

Equitable access to digital skills is a universal public good, but Myanmar’s rapid growth in mobile access has been uneven and risks deepening existing inequalities. IREX recently conducted a study on the mismatch in skills and opportunities that young in Myanmar now face in order to develop recommendations for civil society, government, and donors on how to address this widening gap and promote inclusion. These preliminary ndings will be followed by a full Political Economy Analysis and detailed recommendations in early 2017.

What we learned from 3 years of connecting communities to technology

In 2013, Myanmar stood on the edge of unprecedented change in access to information technology within the country. Mobile phone penetration was at a mere 7% but would increase to 85% in the next two years. This rapid expansion opened opportunities but also raised a lot of questions. How would communities rst gain access this technology? How would they learn the skills to use the technology? How would they navigate a rapidly changing environment?

Encompass’s Report on Gates Global Libraries Myanmar Beyond Access Evaluation Phase 1 Trip Report November 2015

Beyond Access Myanmar seeks to modernize public libraries in an effort to improve digital literacy in Myanmar. The evaluation design is based on an integrated, whole-system view with primary source data collection planned for:

  • June-July 2015 (phase 1)
  • June 2016 (phase 2)

Myanmar Library Survey

The Myanmar Library Survey is the first in-depth nationwide study of the country’s public libraries. Commissioned by The Asia Foundation in partnership with the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF), the survey aimed to establish a comprehensive, current picture of the Myanmar public library system to help inform the development of Myanmar’s information architecture and community initiatives. While much can be done to improve infrastructure and better support their role as information hubs, the survey reveals that citizens perceive libraries as having a significant and positive impact on community life. The survey findings will be circulated amongs key stakeholders, including governmental officials, policy makers, local and international non-governmental organizations, civil society, and local communities