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How to Shave Your Pubic Area Safely in 6 Steps

   18.08.2018  5 Comments

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STOP SHAVING !!! Proper Way to Remove Pubic Hair Without Shaving

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How to shave pubic area without shaving cream

Shea butter used in place of shaving cream makes the blades of a razor remove hair more smoothly, allowing for a very close shave. These nut-based "creams" all help to moisturize, and prevent razor burn thanks to their smooth texture. Then pick up a fresh razor and get the job done. Raw Honey Happen to have raw honey stocked in your kitchen? It's best to use a fragrance-free shaving cream on the area, as creams with fragrance can irritate the delicate skin. Why does hair grow on my pubic area? How to shave pubic area without shaving cream

How to shave pubic area without shaving cream

How to shave pubic area without shaving cream

How to shave pubic area without shaving cream

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  1. Coating your skin with natural oil will prevent that strong hair shampoo from burning your skin.

  2. In the interest of making sure you're shaving your vulva safely and effectively, here's a step-by-step guide for how to shave your pubic area from start to finish, plus advice from doctors on what to do if something goes wrong like nicks, cuts, and pesky ingrown hairs. Using shower gel and an old AF razor. How can I relieve razor burn?

  3. Wash the area to be shaved: If you don't have time to take a hot shower or bath, simply run a washcloth under warm water and place it on your area and let it sit for about five minutes. Nazarian also says not to be fooled by razor companies that advertise more blades as better.

  4. Call your health care provider if you do not have any relief within a couple of days or the bumps are getting bigger or your skin is red.

  5. Just make sure you don't use the chunky kind. Apply a conditioner before using shampoo: Most of the time you can relieve discomfort by doing the following:

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