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10 Tips For Growing Long Natural Hair

   08.08.2018  5 Comments

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Hair Products that Make Your Hair GROW FASTER, LONGER, and STRONGER - Natural Hair

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How to grow black natural hair

If you cannot sit and do the scalp massage all at once, do it several times per day in smaller intervals. The ends of your hair are the most fragile because they are the oldest part. Since it is water-soluble, it cannot be stored in the body for long. Pay Attention To Those Ends A lot of times we pay less attention to the oldest part of our hair, the ends. How to grow black natural hair

How to grow black natural hair

How to grow black natural hair

How to grow black natural hair

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  1. Biotin aids renewal of cells in hair, allowing hair to grow faster and longer. With proper care and maintenance, you can even speed up your growth.

  2. Rosemary oil is often celebrated as a miracle hair growth oil. It is also worth mentioning that you are not always the best judge of how fast and how well your hair is growing, because of your over familiarity with it.

  3. This is a must if you want to grow your hair to great lengths. There are different styles of braids to go for such as Marley braids or box braids.

  4. Applying hot oil treatment on Black African hair is a great way to protect the ends of hair.

  5. For healthy natural hair follicles, opt for foods that are rich in omega 3-fatty acid and protein such as salmon and avocado. If for any reason you have to use your blow dryer, use the coolest setting. I love making my own products and will definitely be trying the brown sugar scrub soon!

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